Raigmore Hospital – Calum Mackie

When Raigmore Hospital announced the lift replacement programme in May of this year they were contacted by the mum of 12 year old Calum Mackie. Calum is quite the lift enthusiast and had a few questions about the replacement programme that his mum hoped they could answer for him.

Jump forward five months and Calum, along with his mum Lucy, were invited in to see the first refurbished lift in action. Calum got the opportunity to quiz the hospitals Estates Team, ourselves and Kone about the refurbishment and was also asked to take the new lift on its maiden journey.

A representative from the hospital said: “The Estates Team, Kier and Kone went above and beyond to make Calum’s day. Not only were all his questions answered, although to be fair there was not much he did not know, but the teams at Kier and Kone also created a memento for Calum turning one of the old lift panels into a light and games console for him to take home.”

Lucy Mackie said: “I can’t thank everyone enough for what they did for Calum. He was delighted with the visit. Turning the panel into a console for him was beyond anything we could have ever imagined and certainly wasn’t expected. I am incredibly thankful to them.”

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