Considerate Constructors Scheme Audits

Recently three projects across our business have had Considerate Constructors Scheme audits and the scores they achieved are:

Newmarket Waste HQ, Leeds

45 out of 45

“The welfare facilities for the workforce are extensive and has had additional canteen space provided to assist in social distancing, coloured wristbands are offered to the workforce to visually express their feelings towards the coronavirus and close working.”

Kirkby Leisure Centre

41 out of 45

“Environmentally, it is encouraging to see the site is supporting the company to move forward with its carbon monitoring and analysis by acting as a case study.”

Ness Castle Primary School

40 out of 45

“Safety sits very high on the priority list and excellent policies and processes are in place with daily black hat briefings standard. Free issue fruit is being introduced and the canteen signage promotes MH awareness, workers fatigue, general healthy lifestyles and occupational health issues. The company provides occupational health screening for the complete workforce.”

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