Work experience week at Manchester Aquatics project

Recently our site team on the Manchester Aquatics project had five Year 10 students from a local secondary school on site for 5 days work experience. The week was planned so that it would be meaningful for the young people yet still allow the busy site to operate as normal so that the site team’s day-to-day operations were not affected. In all, they had a meaningful encounter with up to 15 different construction professionals and at the end of each session the students carried out a task linked to that person’s job.

The students arrived for their week with no aspirations of getting into a career in construction. When the students arrived on day one, the first task they were asked to do was to write down their thoughts of what they thought about construction. These would be revisited at the end of the week. Here’s some of what they wrote:

At the end of the week, they had to put together a presentation about how their week went and what they have learned from the experience. They were also asked if their views on construction had changed. They said:

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