National Apprenticeship Week 2020

Last week saw National Apprenticeship Week and we attended various events throughout the course of the week.

The first event was the Leeds Apprenticeship Fair – an annual event which takes place at the Leeds Direct Arena. During the evening we saw over 6400 children and parents pass through the doors. We had Rhianna on hand to discuss her apprenticeship journey with those that showed interest in the scheme with Kier. Also attending was Sarah Topping, Claire Straughan from the North East and Angela Johnson from Housing Maintenance, who was inundated with people wanting to become electricians.

The second event of the week, we headed up to Bradford to support NYBEP delivering the ‘Trading Game’ activity at Beckfoot Upper Heaton School. The ‘Trading Game’ is a fun and engaging enterprise challenge designed to give students a glimpse into the stock market while promoting core values such as problem solving and team work. The year 8 students were tasked with buying and selling shares and whoever made the most profit at the end of the event were the winners. Myself, Sarah Topping and Claire Straughan attended and we were given the role of Stockbrokers, so we were buying and selling the shares to the students. A very interesting morning, to which we learnt a lot as well!

The third and final event of the week was the Careers Fair at Horizon Academy in Barnsley where we saw a range of students from different year groups following their parents evening.

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