Apprentice at Spen Valley Leisure Centre

The team at Spen have worked collaboratively with our supply chain to ensure that despite the challenges that COVID-19 have brought we continued to work towards achievement of our YORbuild employment and skills targets, including the recruitment of a new apprentice.

In August, GRK Civils welcomed an new apprentice engineer to their team, Kian Craig. Kian was recruited through En:able futures and has given some insight into why he chose Construction as a career:

How Kian is getting on:

Why Kian wanted to join the industry:

“The job is going great on site I’m learning something new everyday and taking on new and bigger responsibilities every week. College is about to start in the next coming weeks so I’ll hopefully be able to put what I learn on site into my work in the classroom”

“I wanted to join the construction industry as I knew it had such a broad prospective in terms of opportunities. I began researching and found I liked the idea of becoming a plumbing and heating engineer but after I completed my Level 1 diploma. I thought I needed something a little more challenging so I started looking at careers around management. From there I was able to complete a L3 diploma in construction management and move on to where I am now; studying towards a level 4 Civil Engineering qualification”

Corporate Social Responsibility achievements to date on the project:

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