Sustainability at First Light Pavilion

As our project at Jodrell Bank nears completion, they have been doing some fantastic things on site to support the Group’s sustainability aims. These are:

  • A site materials management plan including waste segregation, re-use and recycling
  • Removing excess excavation material in the building works to reduce number of vehicle movements saved
  • Ecology protection including tree protection, the installation of bird and bat boxes and use of scarecrows to keep nesting away from construction areas
  • Using a local supply of ethically sourced topsoil
  • Monitored and minimised use of natural resources and carbon footprint reporting and off-setting
  • Rainwater harvesting from the site cabins for boot and tool washing
  • Donation of redundant pallets and other materials for re-use
  • Management of juniper fungus to prevent it spreading

The project is due for completion in August and will be opened to the public later in the year.

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