PET MRI – progress on site

The construction of the new PET-MRI (Positron Emission Topography and Magnetic Resonance Imaging) Facility for the University of Sheffield on the grounds of the Royal Hallamshire Hospital is now taking shape. After 20 weeks on site, demolition works are now complete and the new concrete frame and pre-cast lift shaft is now visible.

There are currently only 3 other PET-MRI facilities in the UK. The site is surrounded on all sides by the live nature of the hospital and adjacent wards. The new 2 storey concrete frame building will house the new scanner which is due for delivery in January 2020.

Many of the internal rooms will need to be lead lined to control the radiation that is emitted during the process and an additional RF cage is being built within the scanner room by a specialist contractor to control the magnetic fields.

The project is programmed to complete in February 2020.

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