11 York Street Considerate Constructors and CLOCS Visit

Our project, 11 York Street in the heart of Manchester City Centre recently had it’s first virtual Considerate Constructors and Construction Logistics and Community Safety (CLOCS) visits.

The site achieved a score of 24 out of 27

The aim of CLOCS is to have zero collisions between construction vehicles and the community, improve the air quality and reduce emissions, have fewer vehicle journeys and reduce reputational risk. With a particular focus on how the main contractor takes responsibility for procuring supplies and services that require vehicle deliveries, this ensures the safest construction vehicle journeys. To achieve this excellent score the following activities are monitored:

Community Impact | Construction Logistics Plan | Site and Fleet Operator Procurement | Delivery Management System | Vehicle Routes | Ground Conditions | Access and Egress | Site Access Checks | Loading and Unloading | Compliance Reporting | Collision Reporting

The project scored 42 out of 50
and the inspector said:

“The on-site safety systems have reached an exceptional standard by demonstrating the very highest level of achievement, addressing all questions on the Checklist to the highest standard.”

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