Progress on site at PET MRI

The team at the PET-MRI recently passed a milestone test in October by achieving the appropriate pass rate for the Radiation Shielding. At the start of the scheme, the University employed a Radiation Protection Agent to design and consult on the build and one of the key criteria is to test the build at an appropriate time to ensure compliance. On the 10th October, the site was cleared from 4pm and the test was successfully completed late into the night. This subsequently confirmed that the building is fit for its purpose and therefore allowed the job to progress without any need for remedial works.

The scaffold strip has also been completed and as of the 11th November, the public and University staff have been able to see the building as intended. Feedback has been extremely positive and the EFM team from the University have even taken to twitter to express their delight.

The client fit out phase is due to start as expected on the 25th November with the scanner due in February.

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