Alness Academy – Virtual School Tour

At Alness Academy we faced a challenge to provide the school staff, pupils and other stakeholders the ability to virtually walk through their building, giving them the opportunity to familiarise themselves with their new working environment prior to handover and occupation of the new school.

Unfortunately, due to the Covid 19 pandemic, this challenge was amplified with the output becoming critical as a result of being unable to host our usual pre-handover site visits in person. These visits traditionally happen prior to handover and occupation of the new school, providing a key opportunity for familiarisation and operational training. So to support the students with the move into their new school we have developed a virtual model of the school in partnership with Hub North and The Highland Council.

This innovative initiative has been hugely successful and has received significant positive feedback from all project stakeholders. This was confirmed through the stats we collate which indicated that we had +1400 hits in its first two weeks.

The success and high levels of engagement with the Virtual Transition Model was down to the simplicity of presenting a very sophisticated technology within a pdf document, linking to an intuitive and engaging user experience. This meant that there was no requirement for training or for project stakeholders to have expensive software installed.

Going forward, it has been identified that due to the success of the Virtual Transition Model solution, we would look to offer it as an enhanced handover deliverable on all projects going forward.

Click here to view the tour.

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